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Early education and a strengthen community.

At Ave Maria Kindergarten a whole team of people supports your child, and your family. This unique structure welcomes your family into a learning community that extends beyond an individual classroom.

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Ave Maria Kindergarten

he daily kindergarten educational curriculum encompasses all activities, interactions, experiences, routines and events that can be spontaneously adapted to incorporate children’s current individual ideas and interests, and development.

Children are given periods of uninterrupted time to explore both the indoor and outdoor environment, initiate their own ideas, engage in settled productive play for a period suitable for their developmental level, and gain satisfaction from doing so.

Ave Maria Kindergarten recognises the gradual shift in learning over the first eight years of a child’s life. Therefore the importance of the integration between, child- directed play and learning, guided play and learning and adult led learning is an important approach to our teaching. As with all early childhood centres across Australia we adhere to the Australian Learning and Development Framework.

I started my career with the grandest intention of dedicating my life to teaching children all I could…what I didn’t count on is how much they would end up teaching me.”

Jennifer Kirby

Director of Ave Maria Kindergarten

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To dream big, our kids need the best start in life.