Ave Maria Kindergarten

Early learning that nurtures curious minds and kind hearts

Our belief about children

We believe in the competencies of all children. We view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world. We believe that children have the right to live fully in their own childhood – not to be rushed through it.

We Offer 3 and 4 Year Old Kindergarten Programs

About Us
Our spacious indoor and outdoor facilities are the ideal place for your child to participate in play-based activities, develop friendships and explore and experiment with different materials.
Ave Maria Kindergarten’s three and four year old programs provide children with the opportunity to learn about themselves, other people and the world around them.
Our Staff
The passionate and experienced team are committed to imparting a sense of confidence, joy and wonder in life and learning.  
Contact Us
35 Fawkner Street, Aberfeldie VIC 3040​
(03) 9337 7286​

Healthy eating and play

Children’s habits are influenced by family life, other children and messages from television. Children can learn to make

healthy food, activity and lifestyle choices with help from families and carers.